About Us


It all started 18 years ago with the goal to create a place on the web for a variety of musicians. At this time, websites were still a fairly new concept with marketing benefits that were still being discovered. From the very beginning, we made sure each website that we created had a purpose for it’s subject. A digital showcase, our websites gave the user reason to re-visit. From interactive components such as song snip-its to updated show dates, our websites became a fun way for fans to stay up-to-date with musicians.

As the web grew, so did our recipe for building an outstanding website. Our websites increasingly became a vital marketing tool that entrepreneurs and businesses sought to gain exposure and leads. Although the facade of websites have changed dramatically since 2000, one thing remains in how we build and that is purpose. Each site we craft must first have a purpose for the client and their marketing goals. We ask our clients, what do you want this website to do for your business? We in turn put on our creative hats to create a website that goes to work for the client.


Time to Heat up the Grill!

Let Hot Diggity Web Design turn that cold website into a sizzling gourmet masterpiece.